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Now let me tell some war stories.  At eight months old IS did the youth hunt and out performed a 4 yr. old male.  She just out swam him and worked her hand signals.  Fact is she has not ever been out swam yet.  At 8 months I had a duck in shackles (to let dive but not get away).  She out swam a three yr old female and was putting her head under water to make the reteive. In N. Dakota she was 9 months old.  About ten o'clock I would get her and work her.  She worked great on holds until she is sent and then gets in her hide when she is told or when she hears birds.  On a real cold day she was making all the water retrieves while a 3 yr. old dog watched.  On the last day I was told to hold IS so that the other dog was forced to go.  Best retrieve she did was 4 birds and three were blind.  The last one was so far out I could not see te bird.  Tim had to tell me which signals to give and I put her on it the first time.  It is a really good feeling to look at Tim and say "not bad for a 9 month old" reply "that is great for any dog."  At this time Tim's dog was in the truck staying warm. 
Flethcer is doing great.  I took him to my dad's house in the U.P. to introduce him to duck hunting in October and he did great.  He made his first retrieve.  I flushed a pair of wood ducks off a river and shot the drake.  It landed on the water in the middle of the river.  Fletcher saw it, jumped right in, swam over to it, grabbed it, then brought it to me and dropped it at my feet.  I felt like a proud father, it was great!  Dave