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Feb. 17th 2010
Hi Mike and Stacy,
I took our black male Oso out for his first pheasant hunt.  A group of five of us (couple college buddies) went to this past superbowl Sunday morning. 
One of them had a 7 year old German Shorthair and the leader of the bunch was a dog that was a 3-5 yrs old and Britney.  The brit was the leader of the group well trained and has pointed well over 600 birds.
It was explained that Oso had pointing in his pedigree and one hunter said he would like to see that.  He Said "I'm not being sarcastic, I'd really like to  see that!"
Oso was the biggest dog (tallest and muscular).  The German was 80lbs, so I would say that Oso is pushing 100.
We started out and I really think Oso thought it was a playdate with the other dogs.  To that fact that the owner of the german asked if I had given Oso a 'redbull' and "what do you feed that horse."
Oso started by flushing a rooster, I really don't think he knew we were there to hunt.  Later on our third trip through he was finally shoulder to shoulder with the german with their nose in a brush pile.  Sure enough, the german's owner saw Oso pointing.  I was feeling it.  They both pointed a bird.
On the walk back, the brit and german were getting 'birdie.'  They were smelling and looking.  The german hit a brush pile, then kept crawling up to a bush and stopped.  That owner knelt down to kick the bird up and I noticed Oso was about 20 feet back in a 'stopped' (not quite a point) postition.  The german had just walked right through there.  Sure enough, Oso pointed the last one!  I was sooooo proud of him.  After all the german walked right over that same spot!
Jeff, Cathy, Kendra, Tommy and OSO!