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Bode (owner Mel )
Arley (owner Justtin)
I just wanted to let you know that bode is doing AWESOME.  He loves his new home and bed!  He is so funny.  We will play fetch with him and he "points" when going to the bird, football, or rope.  He just creaps towards it then attacks it.  we just laugh and laugh cause he's to darn cute when he does it.  He has lots of friends.  Both neighbor dogs and my best friends lab and Tim's parents dogs.  He gets along with them all VERY well.  After he plays he is so tired.  Last night he fell asleep at 8 I thing and Tim woke him up at 10 I think just to make him pee then put him in his cage and he slept untill 5:30 am. Other than that he enjoys his few treats a day, car rides, and his walks.  He's such an awesome dog! Thanks again for all you have done!
Melissa, Tim and Bode

Thank for the great pictures.  Thursday can't come quickly enough for Mary and I.  Muncey's loving personality speaks alot about the excellent environment that your family has provided him and the other animals under your care.  This was especially evident in the picture you sent the other day of Vinny, Pearl, and Lucy sleeping together.  Moreover, I truly enjoy the pictures of Emersen and Brooke interacting with Muncey, they are the main reason for Muncey being a lover.