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I could go on and on....anyhow we are grateful to be getting Muncey as our new family member.  See you Thursday and I assure the love will continue.  Thank you for making Mary and I very happy.
Wren and Vinney pup 08
Just a few words about IS- A Bell.  Her call name is Is.  She has exceeded my expectations  Her health has been great.  She weighs 52 lbs at 6 months.  Training is going well, she will be ready for opening Goose Sept. 1st.  She was forced fetched and has done everything text book.  At ten weeks she was swimming with ice on the pond.  She has been Pheasant huning twice.  She too young to keep up with an older dog but did make one flush and retrieve.   No problem in breaking her in on guns.  I have been using the Gearge Hickox Training Upland Retrievers as a guide.  He recommended force fetch and I did.  I would recommend this method to anyone training a retriever.  She is good about staying close to home.  She has the run of the house and only attacks paper products.  Chewing has not been a issue.  She will launch out of the boat and is steady to shot and can do double retrieve.  I just need to do the transition from pigeons to ducks which was started and will be finished this week.  By Sept 1th I hope to have started hand signals and to be able to use them.  Her training has been intense and this has made her a more confident pet and companion.