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Gaffke's Burnt Burton "Burton"
                                               Torg's Erik of the Red, MH   X    Gaffke's Rushing the Reeds                                                                                     we tragically lost Burton in September 2017 

Burton is out of Gaffke's Rushing the Reed and Erik of the Red (Master Hunter). He has a lot of his momma's traits. He is a very big boy and has a nice head on that scruffy neck. Burton lives with Brandt, and is owned by Brandt. But he is loved by everyone who meets him. He is such a laid back fellow, with a big bark. Burton has a happy expression or sad expression. He moves his eyebrows and it is so funny. He is also a butt-wagger, and he is so big, that you feel it when he is happy (which is like, all the time). Burton has big floppy ears that are so soft, and humongous paws.  Burton is another one of those dogs who acts human. He loves being around you, and makes sure you know it. He loves swimming, and playing ball. But his favorite is snuggling. Burton is very easygoing, but you would never know in the field. His drive is incredible.