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Gaffke's Fisher of Birds "Fisher"
 HRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK  (APLA-4XGMPR ), UKC-Hunt Test HRCH , AKC 
Hunting Test Master Hunter X BRKS Ruby's Red Gem
               Fischer is a very loving boy, who loves to play. He enjoys long walks in the woods, and exploring the U. P. He loves playing with the daycare kids, and is a great listener. His favorite is to wrestle with Burton, and snuggle in the mornings (he really is not a morning dog). He also enjoys playing ball, stealing Moses' toys and making you laugh or pay attention to him. Fisher is personable and so sweet. He plays with the puppies when they are born, and loves to chase the cat around the house. He makes us smile. Fisher acts like a human sometimes, and I swear he can understand English. He runs in the mornings, and picked it up so fast. He loves to just be with you, no matter what you are doing. When a car pulls in, he just wags his tail and trots up to it, like 'oh here is a new friend!' He is such a handsome boy, too. He is such an amazing dog, that we are blessed to own.