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Gaffke's Pass the Ammo "Ammo"
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Ammo is out of Gaffke's Don't Harp at Me and Gaffke's Smokin' Smith. Ammo has great traits from both parents. Ammo is great at playing ball, and super determined to get there first. While she has an abundance of energy, she's also super snuggly and loves exploring. Actually, she just loves being around you. She will lay down and watch what you're doing if you are outside. She is the first one to your door when you get home. She is full of love. Ammo also loves swimming, and traveling to waterfalls, or lakes. She is always so happy, and won't hesitate to give you a nice big kiss. She definitely worries about Ella the most, and is always curled up in Ella's bed. She will wait while Ella goes to the bathroom and just stare at the bathroom, and whine, because she worried so much. Ammo is a butt-wagger too, not just a tail-wagger . Whatever you do, she is by your side. Ammo is a great dog with a positively unique personality.