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Gaffke's All Piped up "Piper"
Piper is out of our Vinny and Wren.  She has Vinny's build and Wren's determination.  She is 63 lbs. of shear muscle.  She has the stamina and strength of any big dog I have ever seen.  At eight months her training really began on live birds and she was a natural.  Piper went to South Dakota at 1 and a half and did not let the guys down.  I am sure she will be picked to go for every trip. 
Piper is my primary running partner and runs so well on a leash it is just amazing.  She will outlast me in speed and distance any day.   She is a very calm house dog and one of the most loyal companions I have ever encountered.

this water series taken by Shannon Henige
EIC clear
CNM clear