Gaffke's Gun Dogs High Quality Labs
Gaffke's Gun Dogs High Quality Labs
We had a specific goal in mind when we started breeding labs. We wanted to breed for the classic conformation. Breeding would only be productive if we felt we could better the breed. Our next thought was to make sure that we tested for genetic faults. We have our dogs OFA certified for their hips and elbows and will not breed a dog that has any lower rating than an excellent or good hip conformation. Their eyes are certified yearly for genetic abnormalities that may be passed on. The dogs that we have chosen to have in our breeding program have a strong drive to please and hunt.
Gaffke's Gun Dogs is committed to breeding premium dogs at an affordable price.  It is not the price that determines quality. Genes and nurturing do determine quality. Our dogs are bred for exceptional intelligence and trainability. We strive to select traits that hunters value and still have that classic labrador disposition that makes a wonderful house dog.
Our kennel is not a large kennel.  We strive to spend quality time with our dogs and give them a good life.  All of our dogs live in the house and all of them go hunting. I also have three that I have trained to run with me. The dogs are around kids all the time. From the second the dogs are born they are handled daily. I don't want to become so big that I can't have this kind of commitment to my dogs.

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